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 Robbing the One-Armed Bandits : Finding and Exploiting Advantageous Slot Machines
By: Charles Lund
The technology of slot machines has changed a great deal in the past few decades.  They are no longer just the mechanical little monsters that their ancestors were.  Computer science has made them quite different in their inner workings.  In some ways this has made it more difficult for the player to know the exact odds riding against them.  In other ways it has opened new opportunities for the discriminating player.  This book provides an excellent introduction to the particulars of modern slots play.  Very clearly and economically written with much useful and intriguing information contained. 

Robbing the One-Armed Bandits(2nd Edition):An Encyclopedic Guide to Finding and Exploiting Advantageous Slot Machines
BY: Charles Lund
More good stuff from the author above.  A host of new video slot games have shown up on the market.  Some of them are designed so as to allow the knowledgeable player to tap into some consistent winnings.  This book catalogues and explains the new slot games that are likely to yield a winning edge.  Must reading for the slots aficionados.


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