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Imperial Palace.jpg (13306 bytes)Spent an evening at the Imperial Palace one Thursday evening during an October road trip to Biloxi.  A small troop of us fanned out across the casino floor, all to our favorite games.  Some really good deals on table minimums!  They had $1 blackjack, 50 cent roulette, and 25 cent craps with 20 times odds!  Wasn't enough time to evaluate the other games but judging from what we did see,  its likely there were some loose slots and other deals in the casino as well.  Biloxi is turning into a real east coast gambling Mecca with casinos lining up along the beaches and river fronts.  Some of these places are rivaling Las Vegas for good quality gambling.  But the Imperial Palace was definitely going the extra mile with smorgasbord of good odds, the equal of which is hard to find even in Las Vegas.  All this in a very good quality casino environment as well.  Look out Atlantic City! 


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