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    We endeavor to provide gambling information and resources that will help  stretch those gambling dollars or in other tangible ways may enhance your insight  and enjoyment of the world of Casino Gambling 

    The central interest of this web is recreational gambling in the traditional casinos, with special emphasis on great city of Las Vegas.  However, the tools and resources herein contained do in most ways apply to gambling in general the world over, including the Internet.  The first two chapters of the e-book, "The Nature of The Game" are free readings, which provide the core document for the website.  Other free readings are also available. Our humble goal is to provide the visitor with the best gambling tools and resources available to both create a decent shot at the money and to make for an enjoyable gambling experience. 

    The number of gambling related resources out on the Internet and elsewhere is huge indeed.  Not all of them are worth the involvement and it is not always easy to know the difference.  Navigating through all the rocks and mud to discover and capitalize on the good peaces can be a difficult, time consuming, and uncertain.  

    Our goal is to help ease the navigation and identification problems by identifying  a selection of books, resources, information, and links from among the best that gambling has to offer.    However, the venue also extends to other money centered things like stocks and mutual funds.  

    The website is a work in progress.  Pages are added, and refined regularly.  So stop back often and see what's new.  We appreciate constructive input. Feel free to drop us a line with your comments, questions, and ideas. 

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